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Water Lily

The flower of water lily stood out from the water in this morning. It was something like tropical water lily. Advertisements

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Mt. Fuji was covered by clouds and we could not see for these several days.

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Summer flowers on roof garden

Wisteria floribunda grows up very rapidly especially in these hot summer season. I must clip whip in every week. I found flower in the tip of whip I cut in the last week. It usually bloom in the early May. … Continue reading

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Hot day has come back

It was rather cool for these two days, however it became hot today. Sunflower blooms. Marigolds blooms. Mt. Fuji could be viewed in the summer evening sky.

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Hot summer is continuing.

It is hot, hot, hot. Hot day. Water lily is on the water. The water is very warm under the bright sunshine.

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Rainy season was over

According to Japan meteorological Agency, rainy season around Tokyo was over yesterday. We could see Mt. Fuji as the clouds opened up in this morning. Air pressure at the summit of Mt. Fuji climbed up over 650hPa today.

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